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My name is Andy, and this is a great site! I live in Burlington Vermont, and my favorite bands are Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Manowar,and Deep Purple.

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Hi Andy. Some great bands, you like. Check out the "Groups"-pages. They all (exept Manowar) have their own page.
Looks like youve come to the right place... Welcome!
Welcome! I would tell you to beware of Scott, but that's just mean.
Eek! Okay, now I'll be careful (smiling).

Every time I think "Classic Rock Bottom", I think of that fantastic UFO song featuring a big hero of mine, Michael Schenker.
You've got some UFO fans here! Someone just has to update the fan group....
I don't have any UFO music, but if anybody wants to give me a link I'll put it on the group page. Just for clarification though, Kiss has a tune called Rock Bottom, which is what I named the site after, but we can agree that it can be named after both tunes, I'm okay with that.
They're both great tracks. I think the Kiss was co-written by Ace in fact.
That is a fact. Ace wrote the beautiful acoustic intro and Paul wrote the rest of the song. Great solo work by Ace on that song as well.
Ace was great! After writing last time I broke out the first Kiss, and oh boy that solo to Black Diamond had me getting the major chills. Playing Dressed to Kill now. Lots of fun.
That was actually a dig at me...I'll get around to re-posting a player on UFO soon.
I'll be stopping by there soon. I had a look at the Michael Schenker page and was really impressed. Albums like MSG II, Assault Attack, and Rock Will Never Die are three of my favorites ever.
Totally with you on the first two, "Rock Will Never Die" is ok, but can't hold a candle to "Assault Attack".


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