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This was supposed to be the last week for my run thru some 70's albums, but what the hell. I'll continue it for a couple more weeks!


This week's pick is the 1979 release from Blue Oyster Cult titled "Mirrors", an album that is considered by many to be a "lesser" BOC album. One of the main quibbles (I used that word!) is the replacement of long time producer Sandy Pearlman with Tom Werman.


Another quibble (X2!) is that the band tried to go with a more "commercial" approach, incorporating pop and disco into the songs. Guess this didn't work since this was the first BOC album in awhile not to go gold or platinum.


However, reviews are very subjective. I guess there are a few stabs at pop, but it's still BOC. Check out "The Vigil" and if this isn't BOC, then I don't know what is. But then again, check out "You're Not The One (I Was Looking For)" and if this isn't The Cars, then it's BOC, but BOC sounding like The Cars but still sounding like BOC if they mutated with The Cars. Get it?


Now let me piss off some of those BOC purists out there and state that I believe "Mirrors" is a much better album than "Spectres". Heresy?




1. Dr. Music

2. The Great Sun Jester

3. In Thee

4. Mirrors

5. Moon Crazy

6. The Vigil

7. I Am The Storm

8. You're Not The One (I Was Looking For)

9. Lonely Teardrops 



Availability: Cheap and begging for a remaster...




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I second...err, third that...err, fourth that??? I love this album.  I agree...9 songs....everyone of them good! I'll listen to this more than once...and come back in weeks and months to follow and listen some more.

Excellent choice!!

Just realized we don't have a group page for BOC! Darn, and then on the heels of all this whining about BOC remasters comes this bit of fantastic news!!



Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Blue Öyster Cult--unleashed in 1972, the eponymous debut album from America's heaviest psychedelic metal band presaged punk, thrash and hardcore--with the release of Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection, a monumental career-spanning BÖC library comprised of 16 CDs (the full official canon plus two discs of rarities) and the mythic Some OTHER Enchanted Evening DVD (a blistering concert video from 1978). The highly-collectible boxed set will be available Tuesday, October 30.

Blue Öyster Cult (led by founding members Eric Bloom and Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser) will perform an historic New York City/Times Square show--featuring special guests and other surprises--at the Best Buy Theater (44th & Broadway, Manhattan) on Sunday, October 28 (doors at 7pm). Tickets go on sale, Friday, August 17. Reserved seating is available for the show.

A limited number (100) of individual deluxe VIP packages for the Times Square Show will also be offered. Designed to provide the ultimate BÖC experience, each deluxe VIP package includes Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection (in advance of street date!) in addition to a guaranteed seat in the first five rows of the Best Buy Theater for the BÖC Times Square concert; a pre-show meet & greet with the band; an autographed limited edition Blue Öyster Cult event poster and an exclusive commemorative laminate.

Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection brings together the group's 14 official Columbia Records albums--including newly-mastered editions of On Your Feet or on Your Knees, Fire of Unknown Origin, The Revölution by Night, Mirrors, Cultösaurus Erectus, Extraterrestrial Live, Club Ninja and Imaginos--alongside two newly-curated bonus discs: Rarities and Radios Appear: The Best of the Broadcasts (a special collection of classic live performances).

In addition, the Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection box set comes with a special download code good for four live concert broadcasts as well as as a forty page booklet chock full of photos and liner notes from celebrated music writer and guitarist Lenny Kaye.

* * * * *

Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection includes:
1. Blue Öyster Cult (1972 - studio - with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
2. Tyranny and Mutation (1973 - studio - with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
3. Secret Treaties (1974 - studio - with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
4. On Your Feet or on Your Knees (1975 - live) - 2012 Remaster
5. Agents of Fortune (1976 - studio - with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
6. Spectres (1977 - studio - with 2007 CD bonus tracks)
7. Some Enchanted Evening CD (1978 - live - with 2007 CD bonus tracks)
8. Some OTHER Enchanted Evening DVD (1978 - live)
9. Mirrors (1979 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
10. Cultösaurus Erectus (1980 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
11. Fire of Unknown Origin (1981 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
12. Extraterrestrial Live (1982 - live) - 2012 Remaster
13. The Revölution By Night (1983 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
14. Club Ninja (1985 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
15. Imaginos (1988 - studio) - 2012 Remaster

16. Rarities
17. Radios Appear: The Best of the Broadcasts

* * * * *

Originally formed in Long Island as Soft White Underbelly in 1967, Blue Öyster Cult combined adventurous lyrical themes with an aggressive instrumental sound. With passion and intelligence on display in equal measure, Blue Öyster Cult became the thinking fan’s rock band and a sign of life in a sea of dull, anemic soft-pop. Anthems like “Godzilla,” “Harvester of Eyes” and “Don’t Fear the Reaper” stretched the boundaries of rock topics while lead guitarist Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser became a hero to legions of budding axe-wielders. The band’s mystique extended to their album artwork, resulting in some of the most distinctive and iconic LP covers of the rock era. Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection gathers the essential pieces of the Blue Öyster Cult story into one mind-boggling totality.

Logon to for information about presale tickets for the Oct. 28th show at the Best Buy Theatre."

What, no group page for BOC? How could CRB have made such a grave oversight?

You or Scott should definitely make one.  It's not difficult.  Let me know if you need any help.  I don't think there is a group page for J. Geils Band either.  I've been thinking about making one, but just haven't had the time.

Can't say I'm that much of a BOC fan, but this sounds like a great Christmas gift.  I'm guessing a couple hundred bucks minimum.

This was rumored since last year, finally have a release date! Price right now it around $170, believe this will come down. HOWEVER.... with everything from their first album thru "Some Enchanted Evening"  already available and the same remasters, it's $170 for 7 albums, plus a couple extra discs. If they release the remaining 7 discs as standalones, I will definitely buy. But to already own half and then plunk down more money? I dunno. 

The price is now down to $140!

This is a terrific album.  I've never heard it before today.  I can hear the attempt at a more commercial approach, especially with the female backing singers, but the guitar playing (especially that opening riff) and vocals are very good.  The best songs to me would be The Vigil, I Am The Storm, Dr. Music (definitely commercial sounding) and Lonely Teardrops.  

This makes me want to request that box set of complete, remastered albums for Christmas...


I think I'm gonna ask for it as an anniversary gift.

I still think it's going to drop more, but this is much better than the $170 exactly one month ago. So, using my awesome math skills, by October 14 it should be down to around $70! Wishful thinking, but if this drops below $100, I'm in.

Anniversary is this month, I'll be asking for a late gift.


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