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This was going to be a "guilty pleasure" post, but the more I thought about it, the less it became a guilty pleasure and more of a really good album you probably never bothered to listen to.

When "Faith" stormed the charts and MTV, I could have cared less. It was George Michael for crying out loud! I couldn't waste my time listening to that crap. That was '87 and the only music I really cared about was metal, metal and even more metal.

A few years later, I watched the video for "Freedom". And you know what? It was one hell of a catchy tune. Plus I gained respect for George because he was actually making fun of himself in the video and the song. Might not seem like much to some people, but it was enough for me. Out I went to pick up this album.

After the first listen, I was hooked. This was an album for the kids. This was an adult album, a more mature album from someone who didn't pander to MTV, the record company, the radio, etc. Sure, "Freedom" was a hit, but if you listen closely it's not really a feel good song at all.

Another thing that I noticed is that he has a fantastic voice. Of course I wouldn't have noticed that with Wham! or anything from "Faith" because that would have been stupid. Wasn't my type of music!

Compared to "Faith" this album was a failure. Wonder if he expected that? It is mostly a complete departure from his previous "happy" music, and I respect that he took this route. He did what he wanted to do and he stuck to his guns.

I told a friend about this album and after he laughed and laughed and laughed, I begged and pleaded with him to give this a spin. I was confident he would enjoy this album since he had the same music taste that I had.

He must have liked it because he told me he did plus he returned my copy and bought one for himself. Sometimes it's good to be so right!

As for the people here? Who knows. Give it a listen anyway, I think you'll be very surprised.

Pay heed to the album title!

Listen Without Prejudice: Vol. 1

1. Praying For Time

2. Freedom

3. They Won't Go When I Go

4. Something To Save

5. Cowboys & Angels

6. Waiting For That Day/You Can't Always Get What You Want

7. Mothers Pride

8. Heal The Pain

9. Soul Free

10. Waiting (Reprise)

Availability: $7 new, much cheaper used. 

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Not bad, but Scott's was funnier.

Hope this helps. Grab your phone, dial 911. After you tell them you have severely bumped your head just sit down and wait for medical care to arrive. Let us know how you make out.

What to say about this?  Well, I do try to "listen without prejudice", unlike some other folks here.  

I don't think this is the worst thing I have ever heard.  I agree that he has a very good voice.  I'm surprised his name has not been thrown around regarding Queen.  I even liked this albums predecessor way back when.  That's right, I said it.  My girlfriend liked it and therefore, so did I (I obviously couldn't think on my own).  

The first song is okay, not terrible.  I really don't like the second song at all.  Fast forward to track 5.  It's the best song here.  It's kinda long, but jazzy and somewhat cool.  Track eight is awful.  The rest could play as background music and it wouldn't hurt my ears.

But I am really speechless regarding the fact that a person who likes classic rock could like this but absolutely abhor Bruce Springsteen (yes, I'm referring to this threads author).  If given a choice, I wonder if Scott would choose this or Springsteen.

hey I did give it a listen, but nooooo thank you. Now both you all have to dial 911 lost me at "sexy sax man". Everyone know the sexiest sax man is from that Tina Turner video.

Michaels or Springsteen?  Oh the humanity!!!  But its a tough choice...

Heres some thoughts on the album while I contemplate the above question...

  • I thought Michaels wasnt planning on going solo?
  • This does nothing to put the boom-boom into my heart
  • They Wont Go when I Go - wouldnt this have been better named They Wont Go-Go when I Go-Go?  Either way it wouldnt have helped this awful tune!
  • I did like the Something to Save tune it was OK, it kind of took the grey skies out of my way
  • I too didnt really mind the jazzy feel of Cowboys and Angels, maybe Sexy Sax Man could play that one too?  THen he would be up to two songs!
  • Waiting For that Day also is OK, his acoustic songs seem to be where he is best, but the pace is wearing me out, too slow, kind feel like Im hanging on like a yo-yo
  • Mothers Pride.  YAWN!  I want to hit that high!  
  • Heal The Pain makes me want to retract my acoustic comments.  My beats per minutes never been the same
  • I liked the reprise, again cool acoustics!

So going into this with lowered expectations helped it be a slightly better listen that expected, but it still make me crazy when you act so cruel.

Back to RJs question...  This has 2 nice tracks and 1 ok track, sprinsgteen had none...  Sorry boss!  Now its truly time to Go-Go...


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