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Okay, I've got another idea for you.  I'll start this off by posting a song.  Another member will rate the song that I post (use any rating system you want, it doesn't matter) and then post one of his/her own.  The only catch is the next song title should begin with the same letter that the previous song ends in.  And feel free to share what you like or don't like about the song you are rating.  And please, don't rate it if you aren't gonna post another song.  That's the whole idea here.  Lastly, post  hidden gems or well known songs.  It's up to you.  Sounds easy, right?

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How about make it more fun? If you rate the song, you post the next song and the title has to start with the same letter (or number) as the reviewed song. So, if I were to review this song, my next pick would start with an "h" (not a "!" which is actually the last part of this song title). Ah! Leah!

Do you mean the next song has to start with the same "last" letter of the previous song?

Yeah. Did I forget that? Fu*****g Pabst does that to ya!

Well, that's a very good idea.  So why don't you rate the song above and post another?  And I'll amend the rules above.

I'll give it a day and see of someone jumps on this. I love this song, it's a great song to crank up and roll the windows down while driving around. Just one of those nice weather songs, you know?

For a nerd, Donnie Iris kicks butt!!! I've always liked this song & Donnie Iris. I think he's a hidden gem that's often forgotten & overlooked. I will give this song a 10 rating!!! I think it's that good!!!

Ok, I bit & drew first blood, because I had to give Donnie Iris a favorable rating. So, you need an H, then here's Faster Pussycat's House Of Pain.

Not much of a Faster Pussycat fan, so this was just OK for me.  But I know a good "N" song when I hear it!  (See below)

Great song off a great album. Said it before and will say it again: hated this album when it came out, but have grown to love it. Everytime I hear I sing along, because it's all about me. I am THE new world man. ME! Nobody else. 10+ gallons of dog pee is my rating out of 10 gallons of dog pee.

Now I will go since the ball is a-rollin".

Eh. Not a fan of this song and his voice or this band. Eh. (This is for Faster Pussycat).

Thank you Mike, for showing everybody how to play the game and gettin' that old ball rolling.  You da man!


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