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My turn, and the topic this week is... Top 5 Best Guitarists Of The 80's

But.....there's one rule: The guitarist must not have appeared on a "debut-record" earlier than 1/1-1980 and not later than 31/12-1989.

5. Jake E. Lee (Debut with Rough Cutt in 1981)

4. Steve Vai (Debut on Frank Zappa's "Tinseltown Rebellion" 1981)

3. George Lynch (Debut on Dokken's "Breaking The Chains" 1983)

2. Ty Tabor ( Debut on "Sneak Preview" 1983(? not sure if this was an official release?))

1. Nuno Bettencourt ( Debut on "Extreme" 1989)


And now it's YOUR turn to come up with something better, if you can!!

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Thank you, RJhog. Yeah, I thought this rule would make it a little more special. 

It was also a "challenge" for myself, because EVH and Randy Rhoads would definetly top an "overall" list for me.

But we need some discussions. 

If I had made a "worst guitarists from the 80's", I think I would have included Mick Mars and Vinnie Vincent on my list somewhere. Please point out a special good riff or solo from them.


I agree with you on both points (i before e, except after c) Niels. I think with Vinnie & Mick, you either a huge fan or you're not at all! Niether guy has a huge following, but those who do follow them, think they're the greatest! To me, Vinnie Vincent was the guy in Kiss that nobody liked & Mick Mars was the least popular member of Motley Crue. But, to each his own! 


Good points. It is interesting regarding Motley Crue. Mick Mars was definitely the least popular member of the Crue in the 80's. It might have stemmed that he was less flashy than the other guys in the band and a little bit older. In recent years, that seems to have changed because of his more low key approach. Many critics now talk about what a good guitarist he is and for many Crue fans, he is now regarded more highly.

5-Jason Becker

4-Jake E.Lee

3-Warren DeMartini

2-John Sykes

1-Randy Rhoads

Oh nonono, Scandal. Randy Rhoads is "banned" from this list, because of the two Quiot Riot-albums from the 70's   

LOL-Fair enough, move each one up one spot and put at Number 5-Alex Skolnick

I'm very interested in hearing some of his work.

Skolnick...great choice.

Jake E. Lee - Honestly can't think of one song he plays on off the top of my head.  This isn't a dis, I just don't remember his work.


Steve Vai -  No argument on this one.  I loved his work with DLR.


George Lynch - Great choice.  He's a real shredder.


Ty Tabor - Don't really know his catalog.


Nuno - I don't think anybody needs to defend him as a choice.  He can play anything, any style.  He's a great rhythm player as well.  Listening to III Sides now.


DiMartini -  An excellent player.  Can shred or play with feel, and he was in a band with another guitarist.


Mick Mars - His downfalls are that he's ugly as homeade sin and he's in a band with a terrible vocalist.  But his work is solid through the whole catalog.  Not much flash and maybe even a little sloppy, especially on the debut.  But so was Ace Frehley, and he was great!


Jeff Watson -  Listen to the first two songs on Midnight Madness.  He always played like this though.


Slash - He catches crap because he's in the HOF before other deserving folks.  But if you can't say he's a great guitar player after listening to November Rain, then I'll never convince you otherwise.  That lead guitar drives that song as much as the vocals do.  And everybody must know he was brilliant on Appetite.


Jimmy Page - Doesn't qualify.


Rick Emmett - Doesn't qualify.


Angus Young - Doesn't qualify


Brad Gillis - Doesn't qualify


Jason Becker - I Don't know him.


John Sykes - Not familiar with his catalog.


Joe Satriani - No argument from me.  He's a great player.


Adrian Vandenberg -  Not familiar with his catalog.  By the way, when I say that, I know I've heard these guys before, but I just don't know specifics off of the top of my head.


Adrian Smith - Not familiar with his catalog.


Vinnie Vincent -  He's a very good songwriter, but that's not the subject here.  He's a very fast shredder, but I'm not really a fan of that style. 


Paul Dean - Doesn't qualify.


Jeff LeBar - Is that the guy from Cinderella?  If so, he's okay for me, but not special.  And didn't Tom Keifer play guitar too?


Randy Rhodes - Fit's the list, technically, but only through Niels massaging of the rules.  But for me, I would have needed more of his work (which sadly we did not get) to put him on this list.  From what I read, he really wanted to get into classical music, so had he lived, who knows if we would have much more from him? 


There, I think that's everybody listed so far. 








Oh nooo, I've changed the rule. Haven't you noticed? 

Nobody seems to like Chris Degarmo?

I saw it.  I was just giving my opinion anyway. 


I thought about Degarmo.  He's good but wouldn't appear on my list.


C'mon man....Sykes played on the Whitesnake 1987 self titled album and he was in Blue Murder. Jason Becker was one of the young shredders in the mid/late '80s and played on David Lee Roth's A Little Ain't Enough record. Adrian Smith = Iron Maiden. Adrian Vandenberg, didn't you cruise the square listening to him with us? How about the time when you and me went to Atlants to see Great White / Whitesnake in 87 when he was in Whitesnake?



Now I know he may have played on some obscure album earlier, but what about Stevie Ray Vaughn? Or is this just for Hard Rock/Heavy Metal? Do you discount guys like Kirk Hammett or even Dave Mustane because of the styles?



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