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Yes that's right: What are the best QUEEN-songs from their (IMHO) "weak" periode. It would had been too easy to find out the best song from their classic-periode 1973-80, I should think, yeah well, you never know, but for me personally, it's more of a challenge to pick out the best songs from this periode. Again IMHO, the last great QUEEN-album was "The Game".

There's not really any more rules, but '82-'91, that means no tracks from "Flash Gordon" or "Made In Heaven" either.

Here are my choices:

5. One Vision

4. The Miracle

3. Is This The World We've Created

2. The Show Must Go On

1. Friends Will Be Friends

What are your choices?

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"Hot Space" is a waste of space.

We must agree to disagree on that!  I love Hot Space...

But you also love IWMFLY, so that makes sence.

I'm kidding, off course (or am I?).

I was SO dissapointed, when I heard HS back in '82. Even though "The Game" wasn't as strong as SHA, ANATO or ADATR, it was the last "Classic" QUEEN-album, and HS made me stay away from the band until their great performance at Live Aid.

OK, you got me on IWMFLY...  But I love it for the very reason you don't, I loved the departure from what was expected.

Niels, you crack me up.  Your "I'm kidding or am I" remark makes me think of Ben Stiller's character in Dodge Ball.

Yet ANOTHER movie-remark!!!

This time I AM kidding, though.

I did n't know there were 5 good Queen songs...

BUH-WAH-HA-HA....just kidding guys. I just never got into them.

Like I doubt Niels would want to participate in a top 5 Europe songs, or Jon have a top 5 Bon Jovi list.

Should we do a top 5 "I dont like this band at all" list?

Top 5 most hated bands!  Gordon your on point to do this one!  Thats a stunningly cool idea!  (Although I would predict a Bon Jovi landslide so you may want to make rules to make it interesting, eg Top 5 most hated bands not named Bon Jovi - )

That is funny, Scott! If we did that, would Kiss be in all 5 spots on Jon's list?

Actually, I am wanting to do a "top 5" post, but it will be a serious post...or at least try to be.

Goodness no. It would be Poison!

A TOP 5 Europe songs-list? Give it a try, and I'll see, what I can do. But you're right, it will NOT be easy for me!! 

Ahh, nice to see "One Vision" on the list. I've been thinking about changing my list, because I love the intro to that song, and it has a great riff. Okay, I'll do it!!


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