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This was the 3rd show I had planned before I was so rudely interrupted last September.
Well not exactly what I had planned, since I added songs in the course of the year, and a different time in free-form radio brings different results.
NO songs from last year will be repeated- all distinct selections for this 2010!
It is that most awful time of year again, resulting in going Back To Back To School, kicking and screaming!
I will open with a school that I might, just might, have had fun attending.
Continuing on with some good old Rock & Roll from the early days having to do with School.
Then another fond look back, this time at those wonderful School Days.
And I must emphasize that I mean the Time Period of our lives, NOT the actual tortuous hours physically spent IN School, lol!
Have fun if you can!
Another half coming.

Here's the link worked out on the chalkboard, to WLSO.FM:


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Comment by Mike Pell on September 28, 2010 at 11:49pm
Dear RJ,
A few of those songs were before my time too, but I knew about them, lol!
Of all the Sun records guys, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins,, Roy Orbison, who would have thought Jerry Lee the wildest one of all would still be alive and making records?
Good for him alright, I'm with you!
The Loudon song was from his 1st album in 1970.
You will hear that Graham Parker song Rick Nelson did again in Pt.2- but by someone else.
Frankly though, I really do love that older Waitin' In School by Rick.
And I only had one Prom, and I don't remember anything about it, lol!
Keep rambling my friend, it's fun,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on September 28, 2010 at 11:07am
That's a cool 50's/60's based rock show Mike, and although most of that's a little before my time, I did recognize some of it and I certainly enjoyed listening.

It was really good to hear the Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry tune. Speaking of Jerry Lee, he has a brand new album out, so good for him.

The Wainright song sounded great. It had more of a 70's vibe for me, but I have no idea what period this song comes from.

I also liked the Rick Nelson tune, that's the next to last song.

I can't help thinking that a show based on prom music would fit here, but I guess it would go better with a Spring, get out of school show. Funny thing, I remember my 11th grade prom theme was Kenny Rogers/Sheena Easton with their cover of Bob Seger's We've Got Tonight, but I have no idea what my Senior Prom theme was. Anyway, I know that's beside the point of this show, but I can't help but ramble sometimes.

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