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This episode will close out our Songs For Autumn.
There is something about The Fall Season that lends itself to a certain melancholy, a wistfulness, as the days get shorter and the nights colder.
Suggested listening time is a cold night.
But I am greatly pleased ANY time you listen, lol!
I'll play the BEST song ever written about Autumn and the coming of Winter, pure poetry in my humble opinion.
And I'll give the final word to the guy who has written and recorded more songs about Autumn than ANY other's non-negotiable!
What it always comes down to is this- I hope you like what you hear, and I enjoyed playing what I did!
Here are the links to Trip Into A Fall Mood, at Mike Pell Rockollections:

At Soundcloud:


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Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 20, 2015 at 9:58pm

That Neil Young cover by Cassandra Wilson was okay.  Truth be told, I've just never cared for that song.  I did think there some nice piano playing on Getting Some Fun Out Of Live.

Now, the Tom Rush version of Urge For Going was mighty good.  I'll give you that one most definitely.  The song's atmosphere is amazing.  How 'bout the lyric "summer colored skin".  I love that.  The acoustic work is great, but there is also some understated electric guitar work in there and it just meshes with the acoustic beautifully.  This reminds me of something Gordon Lightfoot would sing.

Stone Pony's were okay as was the Van Morrison tune.  But man, that was a long song.  

Good series bro.  Golden Pell was easy this time.  Tom Rush is the man!

Comment by Jon on November 18, 2015 at 7:41am


I never knew "Harvest Moon" was about aliens. I don't know why there was a spaceship in the background of this version, but there it was. Kinda distracting, not that I have anything against aliens unless it's the aliens from "Alien(s)". THat would suck if they were roaming around because we would all die, unless we had had nukes and flamethrowers. 

Now, that second song was really cool and it doesn't sound like it came out in the 90's. It sounds like something from the early to mid 1900's and that's a good thing. Sometimes you just can't rock out.

THe rest of the songs were good, but they kind of depressed me. It could be because I do realize I have that last tree slowly shedding its leaves and it needs to get done before yard waste pickup is over with. It's like the tree is playing with my mind, and that's just not cool . And, to make matter worse, it's going to snow on Saturday so I sure as poo need to get it done before they freeze to the ground. 

Yeah, thanks for depressing me. I guess you COULD come over and kick the leaves into the neighbor's yard....... 

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