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Concluding a tradition I have been doing for years, but skipped last year.
This year I felt like bringing it back.
It’s a celebration of the lives of those we lost in the previous year- in this case 2010.
Mostly, it’s an Irish Wake!
Many of these people have undoubtedly touched you in some way, shape or form, and made your life a bit happier and more pleasant.
For the musical folks who passed on, they are deserving of one more play, at least.
And we will deal with some other cultural figures as well, from TV, movies, etc.
You are welcome to anticipate or second-guess my own musical choices!
And I always realize after awhile that for those who didn't know about the demise of some of these people, I am the resented Bearer Of Bad News!
Well, somebody's gotta do it, lol!
In this fourth and final episode, those selected are:
Mike Edwards (a bad year for those named Edwards, this is the 3rd one on these shows)
Eddie Fisher
Solomon Burke
Clay Cole
Plus a return to Television, complete with a singing performance by Leslie Nielsen.
And wrapping it all up with the incomparable voice of Fred Foy, a name you may not recognize but his contribution to our culture you should find unforgettable!
For these folks we pay tribute to and memorialize, they can’t give any more than they have.
Till next year...
Here's the living link to some people who made me smile, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on January 28, 2011 at 1:55pm
I frankly knew this would be the weakest of the four chapters, and did my best to have some fun with it.
Throughout the series as I always do, I tried to take the deaths of the artists in the order thay happened, and I don't get to pick that order- not that I would want the job.
I figured Electric Light Orchestra was a good one to come in with, and while I knew Boy Blue was not necessarily one people would think of first, yourself included, I was surprised that it didn't make any of their Best Of CD's. My favorite too, I think!
You could do much worse for a band to re-discover, I like them a lot and Telephone Line is a great song.
Did you ever hear my Anniversary of the Telephone shows?
Well we are not twins, I hated that damn show Gomer Pyle, the Marine Corps would have mustered him out the 2nd day at Parris Island, lol!
Hey, you are sharp- I never did mention the name of the Solomon Burke song.
It is If You Need Me, and was the best song by him I thought of, guitars and everything!
Again, I needed to spice this one up, so the TV shows became even more important.
And the date of his passing worked with Fred Foy for me to end with the stirring Lone Ranger beginning.
But how about Leslie Nielsen actually singing the Swamp Fox?
I never knew, or forgot, that it existed, just got it this year never knowing he would pass away, and always dug that song!
I had to work for this episode, and it came out at least decent, so it was a good job, lol!
Thanks for writing my friend, it keeps me on my toes, and next up I have...oh it'll be a surprise,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on January 27, 2011 at 9:11am

Mike, another show where the names of those featured, for the most part, are unfamiliar to me.  But any show that starts out with an ELO tune is a good show in my book.  I've really been rediscovering ELO lately, and Boy Blue is a song I'm not particularly familiar with, but I definitely like it.  I'd say my favorite is Telephone Line, but I also like Evil Woman a lot.

Oh My Pappa is definitely not a rock song, but guess what?  It reminds me of a tv show.  Not Seinfeld, but Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.  Do you remember the spinoff from Andy Griffith?  Anyway, Gomer sang this in an episode, although I have no memory of what the episode was about.

I don't think you mentioned the name of the Solomon Burke song, but it's a great song.  Listen to not only the great, soulful voice of Burke but the fantastic guitar work. 

And the TV shows.  Loved Rockford Files, Leave It To Beaver, Happy Days, Hawaii Five-O and the fantastic, memorable intro to The Lone Ranger.

Good job Mike.

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