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Someone requested this album a long, long time ago. Don't remember who it was, maybe they're still around, maybe they're not but here it is. Finally.

This week it's the 1990 release from Salty Dog, Every Dog Has Its Day. This is their only release and you can read why here. Don't believe the discography which shows a bunch of albums, one dating back to the mid 70's.  

In other news, I've been debating whether or not to make this a bi-weekly post. No, not twice a week, but every two weeks. Sometimes things happen and all my wonderful posts which take a few minutes to write and think about are missed and it really, really hurts my feelings. Don't worry, I have PLENTY to post but maybe every other week would work out better. Just a thought.....

Well, we'll still use allmusic for a brief bio on the band, but the link above goes into more detail.

This Los Angeles-based band were put together in late 1986 by bass player Mike Hannon (b. Columbus, Ohio, USA) and drummer Khurt Maier (b. Sacramento, California, USA), enlisting Youngstown, Ohio-born vocalist Jimmi Bleacher and replacing their original guitarist (Scott Lane) with Canadian Pete Reveen in early 1987. The band developed a blues-based style that drew immediate Led Zeppelin comparisons, but owed more to a mixture of influences from old bluesmen such as Memphis Slim, ‘Sonny Boy’ Williamson and Willie Dixon to the more contemporary sounds of Black Flag and Motörhead. Every Dog Has Its Day, recorded in Rockfield Studios in Wales with producer Peter Collins, demonstrated that the Zeppelin references were most apt, owing to the sheer variety of styles within Salty Dog’s bluesy framework, from the straightforward opener ‘Come Along’, through the smouldering ‘Slow Daze’, to the tongue-in-cheek acoustic blues of ‘Just Like A Woman’. The album received a flurry of good reviews, but Salty Dog were unable to capitalize, as Bleacher departed shortly after its release. The band struggled to find a replacement, locating Dallas native Darrel Beach (ex-DT Roxx) in late 1991, but the loss of momentum proved crucial and Salty Dog faded.

Every Dog Has Its Day

01. Come Along
02. Cat’s Got Nine
03. Ring My Bell
04. Where The Sun Don’t Shine
05. Spoonful
06. Just Like A Woman
07. Sim Sala Bim
08. Keep Me Down
09. Heave Hard (She Comes Easy)
10. Lonesome Fool
11. Slow Daze
12. Sacrifice Me
13. Nuthin’ But A Dream

Availability: The Rock Candy remaster which includes four bonus tracks (not included here) runs around $15-16.  

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I for one read and listen to your posts weekly and enjoy doing so.  However, I also know its sometimes discouraging when you post something, it gets a comment or two quickly and then off the list of active posts it goes...  Your call really, each week or every other week, which ever feels best for you, just don't stop...

My friend had this CD. That's where I heard it first. Saw it plenty of times at second hand stores too. I still think same about it, good album, nice playing too. The only thing missing is few hit songs. Couple of radio-friendly songs would have lifted them from obscurity. I know my friend was a huge fan, so the average listeners were aware of them, it's us, hit or bust guys they should have paid more attention to. Like the cover art.

Quick Notes...

  • Someone has lost track of his own series.  Apparently 2 weeks off was rejuvenating enough that said poster totally forgot about us.
  • Poster also forgot to bold a track (because he can't figure out how to change the color of the font?)  I guess its up to me to announce the Cherry Pick of the post from now on.
  • It wasn't me that requested this.
  • Singer has serious Storace tendencies and while the music feels Zeppelin-esque, the vocal are definitely not Plant-ish even though it seems that's what they were going for.
  • Production is raw, that's not always a bad thing or Rock Candy did a fine job!
  • That snarl at the end of Cat's Got Nine is very ACDC. 
  • Reading Allmusic review leads me to expect something a bit different, this is more ACDC/KROKUS that Zeppelin.
  • That aforementioned Cherry Pick?  That would be Slow Daze...

Really a very cool listen, I may even put this on my wish list and try it again later.  I've always been a sucker for Krokus cover bands anyway....

New year, new rules,  no red pick.

Classic Rock fans cant let go of the past, new rules don't seem to apply to us...

plus I know how to change the font color...

My rules.

Suck on THAT.

My responses to all of your 2018 posts shall now contain multi-colored text.  That's my new rule...

Blah, blah, blah.

At first listen, this makes me think of Junkyard.  Seems quite similar in song style, but the singer here certainly is a little better than the one for Junkyard.  There is certainly some cheese.  Especially with some of the song titles...Ring My Bell and Where The Sun Don't Shine being prime examples.

There is some good, interesting guitar playing, like the beginning of Just Like A Woman.  That song, the closer to side one of the original vinyl, sounds very much like Cinderella.  It's probably the best song so far.  But unfortunately, that's really the only positive about side one of the original vinyl.

Sim Sala Bim is a strange and unnecessary start to side two of the original vinyl, but Keep Me Down feels better than what I've heard so far.  Heave Hard (She Comes Easy), really?  Lonesome Fool's intro riff borrows from Zeppelin.  Nothing wrong with that, but this just isn't getting any better.  

Yngve is correct, nothing radio friendly here at all, though I'm not sold even that would have saved them from obscurity. Luckily for us, Jon has done that.  This isn't very good, but it's the best thing you've posted this year.

Apparently the band had a second album that never got released. UNTIL NOW!


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