Classic Rock Bottom

by "heavy & funky" Jon

Living Colour--Shade (September 2017)

WARNING: Might be some language offensive to some.

1. Preachin' Blues

2. Program

3. Always Wrong

4. Glass Teeth

5. Inner City Blues

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I have at least one Living Colour CD and few Vernon Reid projects. Vaguely remember hearing about a new CD as well, but misplaced that info somewhere far in my brain, so I was surprised to see it here.

Starts out strong. The first song is really good. I wish I can say the same for the 2nd and 3rd. Still, not bad just not worth loosing your panties for. #4 is another track I like. For whatever reason, it reminded me of the movie Teeth. Weird. The last track didn't do anything for me, therefore...

Thumbs Even.

Didn't even know they were still around...

You know that spoken intro to track #2?  Ya, the NSFW one?  I did a playlist based on that very idea a long time ago...

Ya, Im ahead of my time!  I liked Track #2 though it was pretty cool, sans the naughty words of course...  I also liked track #3 and the closer has some great moments to, but only some.  THis was a 50/50 listening experience.  Not a purchase but a nice post!

Yngve wears panties?  Dont answer that!


 I liked Track #2 though it was pretty cool...

I also liked track #3

What did I say!?


Ya, Im ahead of my time!

Yeah, no kidding... That's one way to see man who wear panties.

uh... u mad bro?

Living Colour - Thumbs at three quarters up

Well, I bought their last album.  At least I think it was the last one.  The Chair in the Doorway.  I really can't remember what I thought about it.  Haven't listened to it since.

Track one is bluesy for sure, hence the title I guess.  A lot of slide guitar and a lot of hollerin'.  Nothing memorable.

Program is much better.  A political statement if I've ever heard one.  There is some rapping.  Nothing wrong with that. I do like this one.

Always Wrong is bad ass too! 

Glass Teeth is pretty good, though not as good as Always Wrong.  It's short and to the point, that's for sure.

The Marvin Gaye cover to close these samples out is groovy.  

So I'm at about 70% on this one, which is a lot better than some of the albums I've spent money on this year.  But not good enough to send me to the cyber store.  


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