Classic Rock Bottom


So what are you listening to right now?  Any genre is cool.


For me:


Scott's Hidden Treasure

Depeche Mode - Wrong (courtesy of Niels)

Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo (courtesy of Jon)

Next week's Album of the Week (hint: think orchestra)

Shinedown - The Sound of Madness

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178. Various Artists - Metropolis Original Soundtrack 

179. Mike + The Mechanics - Mike + The Mechanics

180. Mike + The Mechanics - Living Years 

181. Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle

182. Parker Milsap - The Very Last Day

183. Ronnie Milsap - It Was Almost Like A Song

184. Ronnie Milsap - Stranger Things Have Happened 

185. GTR - GTR

186. Kiss - Alive!

187. Pat Benatar - In The Heat Of The Night

Album Streams

188. Overkill - The Grinding Wheel

189. Jefferson Starship - Dragon Fly

I don't have it anymore, but I did once own that Mike + The Mechanics Living Years album on cassette.

Crosby, Stills & Nash—Crosby, Stills & Nash
Joe Walsh—Barnstorm
Triumph—Never Surrender
Ozzy Osbourne—Blizzard Of Oz
Todd Rundgren—Runt
Saxon—Strong Arm Of The Law
Judas Priest—Turbo
Huey Lewis And The News—Picture This
38 Special—Rock & Roll Strategy
Tony Carey—I Won't Be Home Tonight
Rose Tattoo—Scarred For Life
The Kinks—Preservation Act 1
Various—Music From Peacemaker
Molly Hatchet—Kingdom Of XII
The Cars—Heartbeat City
Neil Young & Crazy Horse—Live Rust
Creedence Clearwater Revival—Pendulum
Spock's Beard—X
The Sweet—Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be
Motley Crue—Dr. Feelgood
Paul Young—Wherever I Lay My Hat: The Best Of Paul Young
Exodus—Persona Non Grata
Wishbone Ash—Just Testing
TNT—My Religion
Ministry—Houses Of The Mole
KK's Priest—Sermons Of The Sinner
Saliva—Moving Forward In Reverse: Greatest Hits
Megadeth—Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
Dave Edmunds—From Small Things: The Best Of Dave Edmunds


I've got the albums from Ozzy, Saxon, Judas Priest, .38 Special, Savatage, The Cars, TNT and Halford.

Continuing the quest for the betterment of the jobs I want to/have to commence once I return from this beautiful Island of self-isolation.

Now to do that I have to ask myself:
Do I really want to work in the wood industry... again?
I like working with wood.
After all, this is where I'm most experienced, but first I have to remove my name from the self-exclusion list. Yeah, I'm on one of those. Gamblers use it to prevent leaving their underwear on the poker table, I used it to prevent myself from strangling the idiots I worked with... using my underwear. Hence the connection of the two seemingly unrelated reasons for the same practice. And secondly, I have to find a solution to my problem, otherwise, I'll be adding to the fire.
I think I got it!
But, to make sure I'm thinking straight I will run the idea by you, so feel free to tell me... it's sound.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. When I was put on the production line I had to take place further down the process, with not one, but a few ignoramuses handling the wood beforehand. The problem with that was that if you notice a "mistake" your colleagues (read bozos) left unchecked, you have to bring the wood all the way back to the beginning and fix it. Not the dumbbell who screwed it up, no, because why give them a second chance at stupidity, instead... YOU are supposed to do it. (said my ex-boss) And when I say: you, I meant me. Well, not anymore. Those days are over. If I'm going to do the same job, in a similar setting, I'll make sure I fill the post at the beginning of the line, which is: on.the.saw.
And you can bet your sweet buns I'll be clowning around.
A lot!
         — Yngve J. Chapleen

Desert Island Collection: Jewel Case CDs

The Big Thrill
ĐORĐE BALAŠEVIĆ – Jedan Od Onih Života...
BORNAI BT. – Átvitt Étterem
MARC BONILLA – American Matador
JAMES BYRD – Octoglomerate
MISHA CALVIN – Evolution
JAN CYRKA – Spirit
DEEP PURPLE – The Battle Rages On...
DeLAURIAN – DeLaurian
DORO – Angels Never Die
EDDA MŰVEK – 15. Elveszett Illúziók
EMERGENCY – Boys Will Be Boys
FIST– Reign Of Terror
FRONTLINE – The State Of Rock
THIERRY GALAI – Ultime Atome
GLORY – Positive Buoyant
JACKAL – Vague Visions
J.R. BLACKMORE GROUP – Still Holding On
LASERDANCE – Hypermagic
MAGDALEN – Revolution Mind
MAGELLAN – Impending Ascension
PETER MAGNEE – Voodoo Play
MEAT LOAF – Bat Out Of Hell II (Back Into Hell)
MERCYFUL FATE – In The Shadows
MOTHER'S ARMY – Mothers Army
MOZART – Mozart
MUD SLICK – Keep Crawlin' In The Mud
VINCE NEIL – Exposed
PAGAN – The Weight
PARCHE – Son Of A Healer
PHANTOM – Cyberchrist
POLE POSITION – Pole Position
PRAYING MANTIS – A Cry For The New World
RED DAWN – Never Say Surrender
STEVIE SALAS – The Electric Pow Wow
MICHAEL SCHENKER – Thank You with Orchestra
SCORPIONS – Face The Heat
BILLY SQUIRE – Tell The Truth
TALISMAN – Genesis
TAMPLIN – Tamplin
THE HELLECASTERS – The Return Of The Hellecasters
TRANCE – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
TYPHOON – Meteorology

From 1993 I'd take Doro, Scorpions, Meat Loaf, Winger.

This week's playlist!

Illusory - Crimson Wreath

Bruce Springsteen - Born In the U.S.A.

Melissa Etheridge - Brave and Crazy

Melissa Etheridge - Never Enough

Melissa Etheridge - Yes I Am

AC/DC - Back in Black

190. Miracle Master - Tattooed Woman

191. Kim Mitchell - Shakin’ Like A Human Being

192. Kim Mitchell - Rockland

193. Mogg/Way - Edge Of The World

194. Mogg/Way - Chocolate Box

195. Molly Hatchet - Molly Hatchet 

196. Molly Hatchet - Flirtin’ With Disaster

197. Eddie Money - Eddie Money

198. Eddie Money - Life For The Taking

199. Eddie Money - No Control

200. The Monkees - The Monkees

201. The Monkees - Headquarters 

Album Streams 

202. Saxon - Strong Arm Of The Law

203. KMFDM - Kunst

I've got the Saxon album as I mentioned in my reply to Jon's post. And I have that Eddie Money No Control album.

Crosby, Stills & Nash—CSN
Joe Walsh—The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get
Triumph—Thunder Seven
Ozzy Osbourne—Diary Of A Madman
Todd Rundgren—Runt. The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren
Huey Lewis & The News—Fore!
Allen/Lande—The Battle
38 Special—Bone Against Steel
Mogg/Way—Chocolate Box
Tony Carey—Some Tough City
Rose Tattoo—Pain
Savatage—Power Of The Night
The Kinks—Preservation Act 2
Scorpions—Bad For Good: The Very Best Of
Various—Real Genius: Special Edition Motion Picture Soundtrack
Molly Hatchet—Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge
The B-52's—The B-52's
Halford—Live In Anaheim: Original Soundtrack
Creedence Clearwater Revival—Mardi Gras
Transatlantic—Bridge Across Forever
The Sweet—Sweet Fanny Adams
Survivor—Ultimate Survivor
Ratt—Dancing Undercover
Montrose—Paper Money
Death Angel—The Ultra-Violence
Wishbone Ash—Coat Of Arms
TNT—A Farewell To Arms
Judas Priest—Hell Bent For Leather
Dio—The Very Beast Of Dio Vol. 2


I've got the albums from Ozzy, Huey Lewis & The News, .38 Special, Savatage, Survivor, Ratt and Judas Priest.

I think I have that TNT album but I'll have to double check. 

And I'm looking into getting the remastered version of that Tony Carey album.

204. Montrose - Montrose 

205. Montrose - Paper Money

206. Gary Moore - Back On The Streets

207. Gary Moore - After The War

208. Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues

209. The Move - The Move

Album Streams

210. Allen Lande - The Battle


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