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In this post I will be offering some stats and a couple of brief thoughts regarding 25 albums from 1984. This is not meant to be a Top 25 list of that year, it is just twenty-five albums from 1984 that I pulled out to listen to.  I will offer my personal ranking of the 25 albums as well and I encourage you to follow along and do the same...if you want.  I will be ranking as I go and shuffling as needed.  I will start here and add each successive album in the comments.  As a disclaimer, all of the Billboard charting and RIAA type info is pulled from Wikipedia so I don’t even know if it’s accurate.

Album Title: The Blitz

Artist: Krokus

Release Date: 8/22/84

Billboard: 31

RIAA Certification: Gold

Charting Singles: Midnite Maniac #71

Notable Deep Cuts:

Our Love
Rock The Nation
Hot Stuff

Brief Thoughts: Fair album. Our Love is a really good song, even though it did not chart in the US. Midnite Maniac and the cover of Ballroom Blitz are both pretty good.


1. The Blitz

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Album Title: Sign In Please

Artist: Autograph

Release Date: 10/9/84

Billboard: 29

RIAA Certification: Gold

Charting Singles:

Turn Up The Radio #29

Notable Deep Cuts:

Send Her To Me
In The Night
All I’m Gonna Take

Brief Thoughts: Another fair album. This is practically even with The Blitz for me. There are a couple of catchy tunes other than the big single. The best two non-single songs are the last two tracks on the album (In The Night and All I’m Gonna Take).


1. Sign In Please
2. The Blitz

Album Title: Reckless

Artist: Bryan Adams

Release Date: 11/5/84

Billboard: 1

RIAA Certification: 5 X Platinum

Charting Singles:

Run To You #6
Somebody #11
Heaven #1
Summer Of ‘69 #5
One Night Love Affair #13
It’s Only Love #15

Notable Deep Cuts:


Brief Thoughts: This album was a monster. There are no good deep cuts because there are only two songs that I haven’t heard on the radio. Run To You is a favorite of mine, but overall this album is fantastic.


1. Reckless
2. Sign In Please
3. The Blitz

Album Title: Agent Provocateur

Artist: Foreigner

Release Date: 12/7/84

Billboard: 4

RIAA Certification: 3 X Platinum

Charting Singles:

I Want To Know What Love Is #1
That Was Yesterday #12
Reaction To Action #54

Notable Deep Cuts:

A Love In Vain
Two Different Worlds

Brief Thoughts: I M a Foreigner fan and while I think this is a pretty good album, I wouldn’t call it great. The hits are awesome and the two deep cuts I listed are songs you must hear if you haven’t already. But the filler keeps it from being one of my top 3-4 Foreigner albums.


1. Reckless
2. Agent Provocateur
3. Sign In Please
4. The Blitz

I've never listened to the Krokus or Foreigner albums, although I do own Agent Provocateur.

I've written about both Reckless and Sign In Please. I would definitely rank the Bryan Adams album first even if I had listened to all four albums.

I have 21 more coming.  We will see if anything can overtake BA.

Album Title: VOA

Artist: Sammy Hagar

Release Date: 7/23/84

Billboard: 32

RIAA Certification: Platinum

Charting Singles:

Two Sides Of Love #38
I Can’t Drive 55 #26

Notable Deep Cuts:

Swept Away
Rock Is In My Blood

Brief Thoughts: VOA had the big hit I Can’t Drive 55 and it but it also contains the song Swept Away. Apparently, Swept Away was released as a single but it did not chart in the US. I don’t ever remember hearing it so I consider it a deep cut. And it is an amazing song. It is a must hear if you ask me. All in all this album is a good listen.


1. Reckless
2. VOA
3. Agent Provocateur
4. Sign In Please
5. The Blitz

I haven't listened to this one in full either.

Album Title: Out Of The Cellar

Artist: Ratt

Release Date: 3/23/84

Billboard: 7

RIAA Certification: 3 X Platinum

Charting Singles:

Round And Round #12
Wanted Man #87

Notable Deep Cuts:

In Your Direction
She Wants Money

Brief Thoughts: This was the kind of music I was into back then. Listening to it today, it is still enjoyable. Wanted Man, Round And Round, Lack Of Communication and Back For More were all staples. She Wants Money is possibly my favorite deep track from Ratt. After all of these years, this is probably a toss up for me with Reckless. I’m gonna give Out Of The Cellar the slightest of edges.


1. Out Of The Cellar
2. Reckless
3. VOA
4. Agent Provocateur
5. Sign In Please
6. The Blitz

This is still my favorite Ratt album.

If I was ranking like you are doing, discounting the ones I haven't listened to my list right now would be:

1. Reckless

2. Out of the Cellar

3. Sign In Please

Album Title: Honeymoon Suite

Artist: Honeymoon Suite

Release Date: 7/7/84

Billboard: ?

RIAA Certification: ?

Charting Singles:

New Girl Now #57

Notable Deep Cuts:

Burning In Love
Wave Babies
Stay In The Light
Face To Face

Brief Thoughts: I did not own this until recently so other than the hit single, I have no history with it. It is a very solid album and Burning In Love is killer. There is a lot to like here and very little to dislike. I sure wish I would have owned this in 1984.


1. Out Of The Cellar
2. Reckless
3. Honeymoon Suite
4. VOA
5. Agent Provocateur
6. Sign In Please
7. The Blitz

This one is OK, but not my favorite Honeymoon Suite disc.

Album Title: Building The Perfect Beast

Artist: Don Henley

Release Date: 11/19/84

Billboard: 13

RIAA Certification: 3 X Platinum

Charting Singles:

The Boys Of Summer #5
All She Wants To Do Is Dance #9
Not Enough Love In The World #34
Sunset Grill #22

Notable Deep Cuts:

A Month Of Sundays

Brief Thoughts: I love Henley’s songwriting in his band (Eagles), but his solo stuff has been mostly uneven for me. The Boys Of Summer is an all-time classic and Sunset Grill is fantastic. I also really like the deep cut A Month Of Sundays. Otherwise, it’s nothing that I long to hear.


1. Out Of The Cellar
2. Reckless
3. Honeymoon Suite
4. VOA
5. Agent Provocateur
6. Building The Perfect Beast
7. Sign In Please
8. The Blitz


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