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Outsider is Uriah Heep's fourth album in the last six years.  That's impressive in itself.  But just listen to the album and you will realize that the band whose first album was released 44 years ago is still making high quality rock and roll for your listening pleasure.  Outsider will immerse you in progtastic keyboards (Phil Lanzon), melodic bass lines (Dave Rimmer steps in for the late Trevor Bolder) and the fantastic long-time guitar work of Mick Box. Bernie Shaw's voice hasn't lost a bit either.  Outsider is an album that you must hear.

-Jeff Hogland

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I had this album pretty high in my list as well. A bit lower than the overall merging of everyone's voting but still, this was a fantastic album that Jeff and I pretty much totally agree on.

Now I can only wonder what the #1 is............

May not be a surprise for you, but it will be for some folks.

I can't think of what it will be, but sadly I know it won't be my own personal #1 album of the year.

Hardly surprising since I'm generally more on the metal side of things than others here.

I know, what no. 1 is.

This one, I haven't heard. Heep is another one of those bands, I have "given up" on (like Priest, Maiden, Leppard, Saxon aso) after several disspointing albums, and a different taste in music for me, developed during the years.

I will listen to this one though, since the album that will be no. 1 was a really great album, I'd missed during 2014. Maybe this is another one?


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