Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Greg Kihn

When? 1986

Album title? Love And Rock And Roll

Who's that on geetar? Joe Satriani! review? Yes.

Something of a return to form, Kihn delivers his finest album in years with a batch of solid originals and some well-chosen covers (including the Only Ones classic "Another Girl, Another Planet"). Unfortunately, by 1986, no one was all that interested anymore and the album went unnoticed.

Love And Rock And Roll

1. Love And Rock And Roll
2. Little Red Book
3. Wild In Love With You
4. Beat Of The Night
5. Another Girl Another Planet
6. Worst Job I Ever Had
7. Privilege
8. Okay To Cry
9. Paint You A Picture
10. Pastures Of Green

Availability: OOP, but can be had for around $80. 

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Oh yeah!

I've been eyeballing this CD for years. Damn expensive (the 1987 release). Someone should remaster and re-issue the CD.

Kihn's finest moment. Well, it's actually Satriani who raised the bar for him, but yeah...

Do you have the 1987 or 1991 print? Either one of those was only released in Europe, to my knowledge. When and where did you get it?

Had this on vinyl way back when and lost it thru the years. Have been waiting for this to be released here on CD and don't think it will ever happen. Have never seen the CD available on Ebay or elsewhere for a decent price so I broke down and got the MP3 off of Amazon. If by some small chance it is ever released on CD here, I'll scoop it up. 

Well, they already have 2 buyers. Rock Candy only needs 2998 more (seems to be their magic number) and we shall have it.

If you don't mind the 1991 release, I can send you the link where the CD is available for about $20 - $30.

Sure, why not?

I am shocked!

Seems as though you two know what you are talking about.  This, once again, is some good stuff.  I mean, Satriani is totally on fire.  The playing is sooooooo good. 

The song Privilege is really, really amazing.  And then topped by Okay To Cry.  How in the world was that song not a smash hit?  

You've been on a nice roll lately Jon Boy!


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