Classic Rock Bottom

Who? Thunder

When? 1981

Album title? Headphones For Cows review? No.

Headphones For Cows

1. Can't Hold On, Can't Let Go
2. Midnight Heartache
3. Tupelo
4. Say Goodbye
5. One Chance in Hell
6. We Got All Night
7. Hard Ride to Heaven
8. Rock the Night
9. Where Do We Go From Here

Availability: Around $24 new or $19 used.

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Rumor has it... If you put headphones on cows... You can milk beer from them.
That's a good thing.

That'll come handy, because you'll need a 12-pack ale to make this album sound good.
Either that, or... Cowbells.
Definitely, a whole lot MORE cowbells.

That being said, I still like Backstreet Symphony and Laughing On Judgement Day.

I also like Cow Tipping and... Laughing On Judgement Day.

I also like Laughing At Cows On Judgement Day.

As you can tell, there is lots of things I like. And at some of them, not necessarily... Laughing On Judgement Day.

Cows Laughing At judgement Day.

peace out.

This time I wasn't even expecting the "other" Thunder.  You still get that southern rock sound, though this time maybe with a little more of an attempt at commercial success.  I don't think that success came, but this again is pretty good.  Probably not quite as good as the previous Thunder album you posted.

Dude still sounds like the guy from .38 Special.  Midnight Heartache sounds like a lost .38 Special Song.  I believe it might have been a hit for that band.

Anyway, it's very decent stuff.  I wonder what label this was on?  I wonder if it could have been Capricorn?  See, I've been wanting to buy a book that catalogs Capricorn's release history and start buying up releases.  But it does seem like  a good bit of that stuff may have never been released on CD.  Oh well.

For those wondering, Rock The Night is not a song that was later covered by Europe...

It was originally released on Atco.

Holy COW!


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