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Okay, so what movies from the year 2011 have you seen? Want to see?


Well, so far that I can remember I've seen:


Get Low starring Robert Duvall about a hermit in the 1930's who goes about having a funeral party BEFORE his death. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but despite my fandom for Duvall, I was disappointed in this movie.


Last night I went to theater and saw the movie Hanna. Saoirse Ronan was good in the title role but otherwise this movie was a let down as well. Cate Blanchett's southern accent was distracting, the quick cut camera editing was annoying and when the reason why everyone wanted Hanna was revealed, all I could think was that they kind of ripped off the comic book back story of Captain America a bit.


Other movies I'm looking forward to seeing are: Green Lantern, Thor, Conan The Barbarian, Fast Five and Beautiful Boy. The last one is about parents who hear about a shooting on a campus where there son goes to school, only to find out it was their son who did the shootings. I saw the trailer on On Demand and it looked intense.

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The Hangover II

The Wolfpack is back and it seems its happened again. Stu the dentist is getting married finally and get's the guys together again, although this time the bachelor party isn't a party, just a little brunch at the local IHOP before they leave for Thailand for the wedding. Initially Stu leaves Alan off of the invitation list but after Doug's pleading, reluctantly opts to let Alan come to the wedding.


After a nice dinner party, everyone is heading back to their rooms except Phil wants Stu to come hang out on the beach of the nice resort they are staying at for a single beer. Stu is hesitant at first but after his fiance saying that he should go the guys head out along with Stu's soon to be new teenage brother in law. The guys sit down on the beach around the fire and open their beer's and wake up to find themselves in a sleazy hotel room somewhere. Phil is the first to awaken, tired and sore and sweaty. Alan awakens next, falling out of the top bunk of a bunk bed. Phil quickly informs Alan that he is missing something... his hair. Groggily they make their way into the bathroom, looking for whoever might be around and find Stu laying curled up in the bathtub. When Stu rolls over toward them they see that he now has a tattoo on his face just like the one that Mike Tyson has. We are soon introduced to Crystal the monkey who is a bit of a chain smoker and a drug mule too. Investigating the scene more, Phil discover that Stu's brother in law to be has left his college class ring in a bowl of water... along with the finger it was on. They finally discover that there is one more person in the room but its not the brother in law but instead its Mr Chow, the character from the first film that the guys have to pay off to get their Doug back only to discover after the transaction that it was the wrong Doug. The guys proceed out to try and figure out what's happened to the brother in law, trying to piece together what has transpired.


Ok, the biggest knock against this movie is that your going to sit there and say "Didn't most of this happen in the first movie?" and you would be correct in saying yes. That being said, there is still plenty of funny stuff in this movie to make it worth your while to see, specially if you enjoyed the first one. From Stu's crazy encounter with another stripper to the guys going into Alan's room at his house to find most of the pictures that were suppose to have been deleted lining the walls of Alan's room to Alan's wedding gift arriving at the end of the movie... there is enough here to keep most of us laughing.


I'm going to give this movie a 8 out of 10!

I didn't think this one was as funny as the first, but I agree it had some funny stuff in it.  I didn't really like how they made Alan's character kind of mean in this one.  He's definitely at his best with off the cuff remarks that to us are silly, but to him are serious questions (for example, from part one when he asks if the hotel has a phone bank and if Caesar really lived here).  It was funny when he asked if the monk monestary or whatever it was was a PF Changs.


I'd give a little lower score, probably a 6.5 (that's the great thing about music and movies, everybody likes what they like).

I think I'm in the minority here, but I couldn't stand the first movie. Didn't find it funny at all.
You're not alone.
We're united!

Chris Hemsworth stars along with Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins and Kat Denning. Hemsworth portrays the mythical god of thunder Thor, a warrior to say the least.


After upsetting his father Odin (played by Hopkins), Odin banishes Thor from the realm of Asgard to Earth. On Earth Thor is a mere mortal although it takes him a short time to realize this. Upon his arrival he is hit by a vehicle that contains Portman, Denning and one other person. They get out to check on his condition and think Thor to be confused or drunk as he calls for his Hammer. Before long, Darcy (played by Denning) tasers Thor just as he is saying "how dare you threaten me with your puny weapon" which of course knocks him out. In the hospital he has some issues when someone tries to draw blood from him, knocking around several hospital personnel before finally being sedated.


Eventually he gets out of the hospital and runs into, literally, to Portman and Denning. They are not sure what to make of him of course as he is definitely out of his realm, part of them thinks he's crazy and part of them wants to know more about him. Shortly thereafter, they find out another object had fallen out of the sky the night before and eventually Thor and Portman make their way to the site. The other object turns out to be Thor's hammer. Thor attempts to get to his hammer and eventually does only to find out that it wont respond to him as it once did. During this scene one of the future Avengers has a cameo, Hawkeye.


Overall the movie was decent, pretty much what I expected out of it. Of the superhero movies being released this summer, I suspect this might be the weakest of the bunch as Thor maybe isn't the big name that Hulk or Spider-Man is. I personally think Captain America is probably going to be the best of the bunch although X Men: First Class and Green Lantern wont be far behind. As far as the 3D goes, I again wasn't overly impressed with the 3D effect.. there were again a few scenes where you noticed it but it didn't jump out at you. To date, Avatar is still the only 3D movie that really lived up to being a 3D movie. Oh yes, if you wait til the credits are over with, there is a additional scene that ties into a future movie. I love that Marvel does this, just wish that the ending credits were not so long.


I'm going to give this movie a 8 out of 10!

It makes me sad, that a lot of these superhero-movies could had been great movies, like the last two Batman-movies, and the second X-men-movie, but a lot of them really stinks. I don't know if this one is bad, but I've got a strong feeling, that it is. I was a big comic-fan in my teens, but I've avoided a few movies like Spirit, this one and I probably won't see the green Lantern either, because what I have seen so far from it, really sucks. I would love to see a great Captain America-movie, but I'm not holding my breath. I was a big fan of Fantastic four, but BOY, those movies are ROTTEN. A great Superman-movie is at the top of my wishing-list. Or perhaps a MSoTW Man-movie ???
"The Spirit"? I actually like it! I guess those that liked "The Hangover" didn't like "The Spirit", therefore you should check it out. Or maybe my thinking is way off? I watch the super hero movies when I can, they're allright but there are a few good ones. One which I would really like to see again is the Captain America movie they made back in the 80's, saw it on video I think, and really liked it. Would like to see that now to see if I feel the same way.
You got a point. I'll check it out. It's just that Will Eisner's comic was at one point a favorite of mine, (just like Li'll Abner, a lot of good chicks in both comics!!), and I fear, that "they" ruin it, by making a "real" movie, just like they ruined Popeye (just kidding, RJhog) and The Phantom (I have'nt seen those movies either). I miss reading a good comic. I also dreadfully fear the Tintin-movie, that's coming up. Now THAT'S a great comic!!!! I have'nt seen the Captain America-movie, that you mention, but I remember a Spiderman-movie from the beginning of the '80s. And what about the Hulk-TV-serie?? Ha ha ha, bunch of crap!!
The Captain America movie I think your all talking about was actually decent if its the one I am thinking of. I mean it wasn't going to win any Oscars or anything but for a limited budget movie, they did alright with it. I think the Captain America movie that will be out soon has potential of being a pretty decent movie.. decent cast and they appear to be trying to stick a bit closer to the comic, even as far as the costume goes. I saw Green Lantern last night and will have a review up sometime in the next day or so as I have a busy day ahead today.

Just checked IMDB and the Captain America I'm thinking of came out in 1990...don't believe it's on DVD, would like to get it if it was released with a cheap price.


And "The Spirit" was directed by Frank Miller, if that makes any difference to you, Niels. 

I know the Phantom was a bad movie, but it was one of those enjoyable kind of bad movies.


A lot of the superhero movies are awful. And I am a comic fan to this day. The first two X-Men movies are good for the first 45 minutes or so and then they just die. The third one was pretty terrible start to finish.


The first Spider-Man movie was a treat but most of the second one was terrible and I didn't even bother with the third one.


The Watchmen is seen as an ambitious failure by most but I actually liked it.


The two Fantastic Four movies are awful.

I've never see the two Hulk movies and don't want to. Haven't seen The Spirit either.


I will probably see Thor on TV but my hopes aren't high for it. And I've only seen middling to bad reviews for Green Lantern.




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