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A different kind of start this year, as I am perplexed by all this Black Friday business.
Seems to me that instead of people being thankful for what they HAVE, they are more interested in what they WANT!
Once again, I remind you that Thanksgiving is the most heavily traveled time of the year in the U.S.
50 million travelers estimated this year, and they are all going HOME!
So the main thing in this annual Rockollections tradition, and the one I will musically concentrate on, is getting Home For Thanksgiving.
But what if the Home is yours?
I've got songs for those who have guests coming to their Home- including what you can practice to help cope with those drunken or just plain annoying relatives and friends, lol!
After that, a classic you are used to hearing done live- and I will play it live- but a DIFFERENT live!
I tell you, the sound quality is excellent, probably superior to the one you have gotten used to over the years .
After that…well, I’ll take it from there.
I’ll get you Home For Thanksgiving.
Here are the links to Listen and Defrost a Turkey, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:

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Comment by Mike Pell on November 26, 2013 at 5:11pm
Man it was cold here yesterday, low 20's and windy- I waited 55 minutes for a bus to work (the first of two buses) before I got nuts, called work and said I was going to Starbucks cause I was freezing my ass off, lol!
I'll come in when I get there!
I wasn't thankful for anything at that time, I was just the madman I keep hidden on the radio!
You're right my man, Black Friday has nothing to do with shopping, just me taking poetic license.
That was cool wasn't it, following up with Dick Van Dyke?
You got it, it's Song For Judith (Open The Door), and another Classic Pell winner!
Deservedly so, a beautiful song worthy of an award.
And good ears, I have have played it before.
But it fits Thanksgiving so well, I return to it every few years or so.
The Ten Years After song didn't do anything for you?
Are you daft, lol?
Still makes me get up and dance around like a combination of Joe Cocker & James Brown, lol!
Hope that NEVER stops!
Since I love being politically incorrect, playing Travelling Prayer was a joy.
And Banjo...Banjo...mmmm...that gives me an idea.
Wait till you hear Part Two, I will attempt something maybe only I would try, lol!
Thanks for the listen and writing bro,
Comment by Mike Pell on November 26, 2013 at 4:51pm
Uh...I uh...did play music in this one, didn't I, lol?
That being said, what you wrote is brilliantly laugh out loud funny.
You're a damn good writer.
But your brains out on Black Friday!
And next time, bring a bucket of steam!
Thanks for...I'm not sure, lol,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 25, 2013 at 9:56am

It's cold here in Georgia.  Got down to mid-20's last night (that's cold for us).  But it's nights like that that make me so thankful that I have a warm home for myself and my family.  

Black Friday was a good pick, although I don't think it refers to the shopping day.  Still, nice pick to start the show.  And followed up by Dick Van Dyke.  A funny man that could sing as well.

Song For Judith or Open The Door or Song For Judith (Open The Door), whatever the title is, I do believe you have played before.  I'm almost positive that I've heard you play it.  It's a nice little song too.

Honestly, the Ten Years After song didn't do anything for me.

But Travelling Prayer by Billy Joel did.  Great song.  Love the banjo in it.

Nice show, but no Golden Pell this week.  We'll award a Classic Pell instead to Judy Collins.  It's not Golden Pell eligible because I've heard you play it, but it still deserves an award.  So there you go.

Comment by Jon on November 25, 2013 at 8:26am

I must say that I dig Black Friday! Right now I'm in my tent at Best Buy with my generator, laptop, grill, portable heater and mini fridge, waiting for the store to open at 6 on Thursday! I've got my list ready, gonna get me a few movies, probably spend around $30! Normally it would cost me close to $150 so I'm saving some serious bucks!

Only problem I'm having is deciding where to pee! And poop! Sure, I could use a bucket, but where would I dump it? Outside? Wait for the store to open at 9, carry my bucket in and dump it in the toilet? I thought I had this planned out perfectly, but forgot all about the pooping and peeing.

Luckily, those employees working on Thanksgiving really WANT to work that day. Spend time with family and those that ALWAYS get drunk and make an ass of themselves on that day? Damn right I'm working! Plus I get DOUBLE-TIME!!!!!!!

See, after I'm done with BB, I'm going to Wal Mart. THey have some cheap movies there too, but I had a plan for them as well. I grabbed the movies I wanted last week and hid them in the store. I'll just go the Wally World early Friday morning, pick up my hidden stash, wait an hour or two in the checkout line and then go to Target. 

Cheap movies there too! Nobody goes to Target though, so I'll be in and out in a couple hours.

THEN it's time to sit in front of the computer and grab all the deals I can from Amazon! I'll get all those lightning deals and then read comments from crybabies how they were shut out of the deals and that it isn't fair that others get them and I'll laugh and laugh and laugh at how pathetic they are.

Oh, yes. I'll buy extra copies of everything I want and then put them on Ebay and make myself a profit from those too slow to grab themselves a deal. That's the way of the world. THAT'S THANKSGIVING!!!!

Did you play any music on this show? I was busy typing and thinking about the mass of goods I'll be getting in a couple days and wasn't really listening. For some reason I now feel like watching a musical and Woodstock. Don't know why.

Plus the heater decided to stop working and now the metal can is frozen to my butt.  

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