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Another Look At that part of Love that has the bumps in the road and the bruises that come with them.
All part of this Valentine's Hangover!
Centering on what is maybe the most frustrating aspect of Love, even for patient people (leaves me out, lol!)- waiting for it to come along and find us.
I'll bring it all home on a hopeful note, it's the least I can do after dwelling on Love's miserable side.
You never know who's coming around that corner.
Have fun with this, I did!
Here are the links to Seal The Deal And Live Happily Ever After, at Mike Pell Rockollections:



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Comment by Mike Pell on March 3, 2016 at 9:57pm
Sunday morning is a great time to listen to music, I used to listen to Pete Fornatale amd then John Platt from 8-11AM.
The Robert Palmer, a girl I am seeing never heard it, lol!
Agreed, When Will I Be Loved, the Everly Brother's version can't be beat!
Also, I like Phil Collins You Can't Hurry Love, but the Supremes own it.
Which is not to say I won't play Phil's version in the future.
I really liked the Cheap Trick song, I listened to a 4-CD collection by them about a year ago and I don't remember the song!
Maybe it's not on it.
A rookie gets the Golden Pell, lol!
That was Terry Holder who sang When Will I Be Loved, her agent sent me the CD.
Thanks for the listen and writing,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on February 28, 2016 at 10:55am

Listening to this on Sunday morning.

Robert Palmer, nice.  That's a quite worn out song, but I still dig it.

That third track sounds like it would be an Everly Brothers tune, but it doesn't sound like the Everly Brothers.  The vocals aren't bad, but certainly not as good as the EB's.  Ah, Buddy Holley and the Crickets.  Like I said, a nice song.

When Will I Be Loved is okay, at least as good as LR's version, which was kind of overplayed for me.  But it's not as good as The Everly Brother's version.  Nothing tops that one.  Ever.

It's an oldies show suddenly.  You Can't Hurry Love, this is the definitive version.  Phil Collins version was okay though.

Your commentary on not knowing when you will be loved, and that you can't hurry it, but if you're patient it will come, made me immediately think of this song:

Nice closer as well.

I'll give the Golden Pell to the lady that sang When Will I Be Loved.  Can't remember who you said she was, but she's in the history books as a winner now.

Comment by Mike Pell on February 28, 2016 at 12:34am
Hahahahaha I know, I bought the over $5 one!
You and your scams from the card and flower companies- you rant every year.
No flowers, but I bought a box of chocolates in the heart shaped box and had the girl with me, lol!
Said $16.99, but when I checked out the guy only charged me $10- and she still has some left!
All women like flowers, and I agree, to guys like me they smell like funerals and THEY die- what's the point?
Let's go fake flowers, lol!
Oh this is you again, lol- "Don't even bother with a card. A firm handshake is just as good."
Yes, I guess most of the songs I played were remade, although anybody do Palmer or Harrison or Dion?
Now most times I say nothing, but I have THOUGHT  "Bad set. I have no idea what I was thinking, but now that I've listened to it, that was BAD.", LOL!
Why bring it to people's attention, lol?
Engineer Ken used to tell me that!
Whoa, you have the Ringo song? Cool!
This was a good read, I enjoy when you go off like that, you're a good writer!
Thanks for the listen and writing,
Comment by Jon on February 25, 2016 at 7:56am

Nope, I wasn't crying into a bottle of whiskey on Valentimimes day. Instead, I was crying because a card cost over $5 (including tax). What happened to the days when a card was 50 cents!

See? It's all a big scam from the card and flower companies. If they really wanted us to get into the spirit, they should have those 50 cent card again and $2 flowers.

But, no. That's not they way they think. They want us to suffer. Suffer when the flowers die and they're tossed away with the regular garbage. Suffer when it's three days later and the card(s) go into the trash with the flowers.

Everyone should fight back, go to Michaels and buy some of those fake flowers. THEY WILL NEVER DIE.

Don't even bother with a card. A firm handshake is just as good.

Did you know that most of the songs you played were remade at least once? It just boggles the mind, the same way that Valentimimes days boggles mine.

Wow! I won a Walmart gift card from the 2/24 drawing. Didn't know I had entered! I must open that spam email quickly!

Just once I wanna hear you say, "Bad set. I have no idea what I was thinking, but now that I've listened to it, that was BAD."

My spam folder is now empty.

I've made you read my nonsense up to now. You don't have to read further.

Than this.

Nice show. I like the big band feel of that Ringo song, I believe I do have it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Have no idea why I'm continuing to type stuff since you stopped reading a few sentences ago. 

But you're probably still reading.

How does that make you feel?

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